Study in Newzealand- Know the Cost of Studying & Living in Newzealand

Study In Newzeland

Study in New Zealand- Know the Cost of Studying & Living in New Zealand

New Zealand is a known country that comes with gorgeous scenery and excellent opportunities to study. It is a safe and welcoming environment that has a diversified economy with a world-class reputation for having cutting-edge research and creative energy. These are the elements that make the country an absolute attractive destination for students for coming on international visas. Those students, who are looking to apply to the universities of New Zealand, must go through this article and acknowledge the detailed and structured information to study in Newzealand. So, let us begin to understand!

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand has many types of higher education institutions, and you will find out universities, colleges, private institutes, and polytechnics centers there. There are mainly 8 universities in New Zealand that clearly offer high-quality education and all these listed 8 universities are ranked within the QS world university that are ranking on top 500. One of the highest-ranked universities is the University of Auckland and this is in 85th place that is followed by the University of Otago that comes in 194th place. The most important benefit that you need to acknowledge to study in Newzealand is that there is a unique approach to get an education and the students are encouraged to think as an individual and find their solutions and that is why the students develop unique strengths and ideas while they are studying in-country.

About New Zealand

Being the second-best option to choose for the students to study abroad after Canada, New Zealand is explained as an island country that is located in the Pacific Ocean. The country has only two islands and these are the North Island and the South island although there are other smaller islands nearby. The closest countries that are near to New Zealand are Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Tonga.

The country itself is a developed country and does well when it comes to rank it in the national performance. These are the rankings that are considered on the basis of the quality of life, health, education, and economic freedom. It is to be understood that the most dominant sector of the national economy is the service sector which is further followed by the industrial sector. Not only from the studies perspective, but it is also a known place for tourist attractions and the places in New Zealand includes these beauties:

  • Coromandel Peninsula
  • Abel Tasman National Park
  • Sky Tower (Auckland)
  • Napier Art Deco
  • Kaikoura

What is the cost of studying and living in New Zealand?

You need to know New Zealand uses the New Zealand dollar that is $NZD as its currency. The institutions that are in New Zealand are permitted to set their own respective tuition fees and this clearly means that whatever amount you will pay will be different and it depends on the institution of choice. Moreover, international students can expect to pay between $22,000 and $32,000 for the Bachelor’s degree and between the $26,000 and $37000 to apply for the postgraduate courses. However, if you wish to choose the courses such as medical, engineering, or veterinary science then the fees will be higher. You may also need to know that all the Ph.D. students have to pay the same that is $6,500 to $9,000 per year.

Language- Study in New Zealand

There are three official languages that a student especially from the outside needs to know, these are English, Maori, and New Zealand sign language. Out of these three “Te Reo Maori” became an official language in early 1987, the sign language is the language for the deaf community and become the official language in 2006. Out of these three languages, English is the one that is commonly used to communicate.

Study in New Zealand- Cities for students

There are basically two cities that are Auckland and Hamilton for the students who are coming from overseas to study abroad. Auckland is located on the North Island of New Zealand and it is the largest city in the country. It has the high rate of Polynesian population in the world is multicultured and diversified. It is recognized as important in the field of commerce, arts, and other education sectors. For the tourist attractions, the city has Harbour Bridge and the Sky Tower.

Hamilton on other hand is sitting on the banks of the Waikato River and Hamilton is the country’s fourth most popular city. After the English invasion, the old Mari settlement was renamed after the name of Charles Hamilton. This city was the agricultural service center earlier by now it has a diverse economy with education and research centers. Furthermore, the city has near about 40,000 higher education students and 1000 Ph- qualified scientists.

Degrees to get when you study in New Zealand

Accounting Agribusiness Aquaculture & Fisheries Architecture
Biology Fashion Design Finance Geography
Graphic Design History Hospitality Interior Design
International Business Law Leadership Marketing
Mathematics Music Nursing Philosophy

Masters you may be interested in Study in New Zealand

Accounting Agribusiness Aquaculture & Fisheries Fashion Design
Finance Geography Graphic Design History
Hospitality Interior Design International Business Law
Leadership MBA

Final words:

We hope by now you are having some clear visions to apply for your desired programs to Study in Newzealand. However, if you are still unclear about the decision to be made to study abroad then you are recommended to visit the website of the desired university to study in and go through the structure of the particular subject that you wish to study.