A Know – How to Study in the United Kingdom

Study In UK

A know-how to study in the United Kingdom

A large share of the global human population dreams of going abroad for continuing their higher education and there can be tons of reasons for it. Here, in this read, you’ll get every detail that can help you achieve your dream to study in the United Kingdom.

You’ll get significant information about studying there, details on getting a visa to UK, and about the best universities for applying to. It is a guarantee that this read will not only enhance your knowledge on the subject but also help transform it into your reality.

What would it be like to study in UK?

According to past reports and statistics, UK is said to have a long history (or maybe a tradition) of global excellence in all higher educations. It has been reported that almost a quarter of all the British Universities are amongst the highest globally ranked institutions and has acquired a significant reputation in the field of education.

Students from all around the globe (nearly half a million) enrol in universities based out of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, every year. When you go to study in the United Kingdom, apart from achieving premium world-class education, perfecting your English proficiency would be the best perk to connect with the world.

Understanding the “Why study in UK?” dilemma

As mentioned above, there are multiple reasons for wanting to study in the United Kingdom. However, a few of them are listed below:

  • It’s a dignitary on the list of International rankings- It is known to be one of the most popular and most considered destinations for higher education in the world. The International rankings are decided based on international friendliness, the average income of all the graduates, focus on the students, number of research papers published by the universities, and the like. And every year, UK university ranking ends up in the “Top 10” list.
  • Scholarships and grants can be of great help- International students are given opportunities to get scholarships and grants to study in the United Kingdom from universities, NGOs, few governmental institutions, and private organizations, which students can use in case of financial crunch to fulfil their dream.
  • Learn the language of highest honor- It is said that the Queen’s English or the BBC English is the highest form of the language (a particular accent with correct grammar and a niche quality) and you can learn it with grace while you study in the United Kingdom.

Things you need to know about the UK Visa

It is a given that you are entitled to first file for your UK Visa application and wait to receive it. Only then, can you make your dream into your day-to-day reality. It is recommended that you get a UK study visa or the UK student visa if you aim to only study in the United Kingdom. However, getting a visa depends on the country of your residence, for which you must go through the visa requirements to study in the United Kingdom.

How to apply for a visa for UK?

Here, you’d find the step-wise guide to apply for your UK visa, which will further help with making your dream, to study in the United Kingdom, come true:

1. Go to the UK Immigration website. 2. Go through their visa guideline.
3. Ensure if you need a UK Visa. 4. Be certain of the valid Visa variant.
5. Fill in the online form for your application. 6. Keep the required documents in one place.
7. Fix up an appointment for the UK Visa. 8. Ensure going to the interview.


  • While choosing the visa type, make sure to choose the UK student visa.
  • You may use your Dmoney login UK app to pay for the UK Visa fees.

A list of top universities in UK

You can fulfil your dream to study in the United Kingdom by enrolling in universities, university colleges and business schools. You can either go for many bachelors degrees or you’ll have plenty of options to complete your masters in UK. Let’s look at a few universities that acquire student and attention, both globally:

University of Oxford Imperial College London
University of Glasgow University of South Wales
University of Strathclyde Ulster University
University of Leeds Brunel University London
Abertay University Coventry University
University of Birmingham


Education plays a major role in shaping ones’ life and it is not new that students around the globe dream to study in UK the United Kingdom. To begin with, you must know that the UK is one of the best destinations when it comes to educational excellence and of course, it begins with the University of Oxford.

So, to help you with the process, this read will give a clear insight into how would it be to study in the United Kingdom, a few rational reasons to justify why you should go to the UK for your studies, along with visa details and application steps, and a list of top universities in the United Kingdom to choose from.